International Students

Working in the
United States

Working as an International Student

Many international students are drawn to attending school in the United States of America. If you have the desire to obtain formal education away from your home country, making your dream possible will likely require some financial stability and planning. If you intend to look for employment in the United States while you attend school, be sure to keep the points outlined in this article in mind.

Following Student Visa Guidelines

Work as a Student on an F1 Visa

If you have obtained a valid F1 Visa to study in America, take care to understand the rules and conditions that come along with your time abroad. Working closely with an immigration lawyer can help you learn the specific guidelines associated with your stay in the US. Many students are legally cleared to work during their time at a university but must follow all regulations associated with the visa to avoid legal complications.

Types of Student Work

Most international students can legally apply for part-time work in the U.S. Some of the most commonly sought-after jobs by foreign students include on-campus work, practical job training related to their degree program, or just basic work to prevent financial hardship. Once foreign students find work that interests them, they must check to make sure the job fits within their Visa parameters before applying or risk jeopardizing their student visa.

Applying for Work

When filling out a job application, always disclose your status as an international student. The process of obtaining work often begins with submitting a resume to show your interest in the position. If the employer is considering hiring you, they will probably schedule an interview to learn more about your work experience and values. Finally, you will wait to hear back about a final job offer. Applying or interviewing does not guarantee a job offer.

Making the Decision to Work

As you look for a job as an international student, consider the time, dedication, and careful planning that working a job requires. If you finally decide to get a job, you will need to balance your time between school and work. Attention to detail will be crucial as you fill-out applications and meet your Visa requirements. Many international students successfully work in the United States while they attend school. It provides them experience in a working environment and they might even learn new skills not taught in any college.