Causes of


Motorcycles pose a greater risk

Many motor vehicle collisions involve motorcycles. Because they have no protective frame or seatbelt, motorcycle accidents are an unfortunate reality that makes operating these vehicles more dangerous than other types of vehicles. There are many things that contribute to motorcycle accidents, but most often the reason for the collision can be attributed to one or a combination of these four things.

Reasons Behind Motorcycle Accidents

Lack of Experience

New motorcycle drivers are usually young and more likely to be involved in motorcycle accidents than experienced drivers because they have not yet learned how to navigate heavy traffic or operate their vehicle in inclement weather. Because motorcycles require their drivers to have more coordination to operate them properly, they are more difficult to navigate around sharp curves or unexpected road hazards.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is a common occurrence in all types of vehicles, but the small, agile frame of motorcycles allow them to squeeze into tight spaces that other vehicles cannot access, adding to greater risk of an accident. When a motorcycle driver dies as the result of reckless driving actions such as lane splitting or speeding, blame is often pointed to the car driver by a wrongful death lawyer as the cause of the accident.

Weather Conditions

Slick roads cause accidents with all types of automobiles, but the lighter frame of motorcycles makes them more prone to crash during bad weather. Heavy rain and ice mixed with road oil make roads slick and often cause motorcycles to skid or slide off of the road. Heavy fog also poses a threat because it obscures the vision of motorcycle drivers, effectively cutting into their reaction time when they come across hazards.

Alcohol Use is Still a Major Issue

Drinking and driving is dangerous for anyone, but motorcycle drivers are particularly prone to accidents after drinking because their vehicles require quick reaction time and perfect coordination. Alcohol dulls both senses, reducing the likelihood that the driver can operate the motorcycle correctly. By taking these causes of motorcycle accidents into consideration, you can help reduce the chance of being in a crash.